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Queens Are Born In August

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Born in August shirts from Bornmay to celebrate your birth month

August is the month with highest birth rate in the United States. People born in August tend to be very interesting and different from others. They are ruled by Sun and Moon and that influences their unique traits and characteristics. What can you expect from people born in August? Well, here are a few of their traits. They can show very sudden outbursts of emotions, that can be triggered at any time. Usually they are very magnetic, appealing and charismatic. They attract others with their intelligence and charm.

August born are very strong and can tackle any challenging situation. They are energetic, hardworking, can push and motivate themselves in any situation, because in the end they seek power, influence and fame. Furthermore, they tend to be very lucky and fortunate. It is usually them who find much more than just $1 on the street. Just like that. Laying there as if it has been waiting for them. People born in August seem to be happy all the time. Well, no wonder since they were born under a lucky star, right? But despite that, unlike others who tend to live in dissatisfaction, their prime goal in life is to move on from the negative and stay happy.

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