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Gear up with 10% off sitewide savings. Use code "save10"

Queens Are Born In September

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Each month has its specific characteristics that the people born in it might carry. While yes, we are all unique and one of a kind, some of these descriptions certainly do fit people born in September. Not sure what we mean? We will describe people born in September to you a little closer, don’t worry. And then you can decide whether you recognize yourself there, or maybe a friend or two. And if yes, you should browse through our wide selection of Born in September t-shirts. People born in September are highly intelligent. If you feel the need for an intellectual discussion, they are the ones you should turn to. They have critical way of thinking and always see things in a wide perspective.

Those born in September can also be very picky. They never settle for anything without checking it first thoroughly. They must make sure that they will really like it, whether it is a new purchase or a new friend. September born are immensely dedicated to their job, because they want to excel in their chosen field. In addition to that, they are also perfectionists. Figures, right? These people are naturally very articulate and are able to express their opinions and thoughts in an organized way. As a matter of fact, many famous expert speakers were born in September. These are just a few main traits of people born in September. So, don’t hesitate and get yourself and your fellow September friends some cool Born in September t-shirts from Bornmay!

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